The Netherlands

Eindhoven University of Technology

We are student team T.E.S.T. which represents the Netherlands during the 2019 SensUs competition. Our interdisciplinary team consists of 13 students from the Eindhoven University of Technology including second- and third-year bachelor and first year master students from the following majors: Medical Sciences and Technology, Chemical Engineering and Chemistry, Biomedical Engineering and Computer Science.

We started this project to learn more about developing a real-life product that could help many people. In our opinion, this is a great opportunity to use the knowledge acquired during our studies in a practical way. All team members have different interests and individual goals they want to achieve in this project. Examples of these goals are learning about hardware and software, getting some hands-on lab experience or learning more about chemistry. Besides these goals some of us hope to gain more experience contacting external partners or developing soft skills in a group project. Everyone is excited to work together and to learn from each other during the process of creating a biosensor. Therefore, each of us is willing to put in the effort and to implement and develop our skills while working towards a high-quality product. Furthermore, it is important to look at the application of the final product in everyday situations.

Our final dream is to develop a biosensor that is easy to use, affordable, works well and has the potential to help a lot of people. Besides this we hope to find a good way to make the device available to the commercial market.



L. J. van Ijzendoorn

Team members
Thomas Romagnoli
Esmee Meijerhof
Charlotte Janssen
Blijke Wessels
Jeannot Stevens
Max Bossink
Selina Janssen
Glenn Bouwman
Chris Vu
Rody Mens
Charlotte Wilbers
Tom Konings
Roy Nijhuis