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The future of healthcare

An important aim in healthcare is to keep people healthy as long as possible and to enable people in need of care to live a high-quality life in their own environments. Healthcare is developing toward a world wherein care is delivered in a highly personalized manner, attuned to the status of the patient, based on actual, precise and reliable data. This is where biosensors play a big role.

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Our Mission

Therefore the mission of SensUs is to stimulate the development of biosensors in a friendly competitive manner whereby students make and design innovative biosensors. Each year, a societally impactful indicator of health is chosen as objective in collaboration with different stakeholders.

Who is going to participate ...

The teams

The participating teams consist of students from multiple scientific disciplines. Biosensing technologies are inherently multidisciplinary. To be successful, the teams need to creatively combine molecular technologies and device technologies.

The style of the competition is ‘friendly competitive’. Teams of students compete for different prizes. However, it is equally important that teams learn from each other, share knowledge, and sow seeds for international collaboration.

Combing everyone's strengths

A Platform

SensUs stimulates information sharing and community development for continuous innovation in biosensors. It forms a platform for open innovation and welcomes stakeholders such as healthcare organizations, patient organizations, R&D funding organizations, and companies to give input for the competition (e.g. regarding the technical goals of the competition) or otherwise support the competition.

We do this not only by organising our event where all our stakeholders come together, but we also do it using our online presence, such as through SensUs Connect.

Last year's edition

SensUs 2019