RWTH Aachen

AixSense here! We are the team from Aachen, Germany and we will do our best to develop a fast, accurate and user/friendly biosensor to detect traumatic brain injuries.

We aim to create a device that can be used by anyone without previous knowledge, with just the guidance of a few instruction steps. This would make quick and reliable detection accessible in a variety of critical situations.

Our team is made of 15 motivated members, ready for new challenges, with different backgrounds and different nationalities, but a common goal of improving living conditions of people experiencing traumatic brain injuries.

We are supported by RWTH university, which is the biggest technical university in Germany, and the IWE1 group, which has a strong background in biosensors and will provide us with laboratories and a state-of-the-art cleanroom to experiment and develop our device.


AixSense 2023