Istanbul Technical University

Beeomarkers team was established at Istanbul Technical University and originated as a sub- team of the ITU GALEN Team. As the ITU GALEN team, our goal is to make a difference in our country by encouraging young students to do more projects in the biotechnology field since this field has promising studies in every topic from medicine to nanotechnology. Moreover, we aim to contribute to science by developing new diagnosis methods with biosensor devices for crucial diseases. In this direction, the Beeomarkers team aims to develop the desired biosensor by representing our country in the SensUs competition. Beeomarkers works as a multidisciplinary team and consists of 14 talented team members from various majors such as molecular biology, physics engineering, and, metallurgical and materials engineering. The SensUs competition is an excellent opportunity to achieve our goals and we are excited to meet all of you in the International SensUs Competition 2023.


Beeomarkers 2023