Meet our new organization members!

Three new teams have joined the SensUs 2018 competition, which gives a total of 13 participating teams this year! With the growth of the SensUs competition, a growth in the SensUs organization was also required. Therefore, we are proud to announce that 14 new members will join the SensUs organization. The enthusiastic new members are already helping in the run-up to the 2018 competition and after that they will take full place in the organization of the 2019 competition.

The new members form a very diverse group.The students come from many different study programs, such as Industrial Design, Biomedical Engineering, Industrial Engineering and Psychology & Technology. Diversity is key to a successful organization in which many different viewpoints and skills are considered to find the best solutions.

"As an Industrial Design student, I love to be creative and to present new innovations to the world. SensUs gives me the opportunity to develop myself by contributing to the future of health. I'm looking forward to broaden my perspective and to develop my soft skills in the professional and interdisciplinary setting SensUs offers me,” explains new member Teun van Acker.

The new members are excited to help with the organization of the SensUs event which stimulates the development of new biosensors, an important field in the healthcare industry at the moment. Besides that, an eagerness to explore and expand their professional skills is present in all new members. SensUs creates the perfect platform to broaden both skills and personal development.

We hope to see you at the event on the 7th and 8th of September!

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