New Members 2021

We are happy to introduce twenty new members that will continue the great work of SensUs in 2021!

Our new highly motivated members are from different study fields such as Industrial Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Chemistry. The different studies will give different skills and viewpoints that will be brought together to execute the whole SensUs event in the most efficient way. SensUs provides an opportunity to work within a diverse group. It gathers students with various skills and points of view to put their effort into bringing interrelated tasks together for holding an unforgettable event.


The new members are involved in the run-up of the 2020 Event and are in charge of the whole execution and coordination of the SensUs competition 2021 as well. This includes taking part in one of the subgroups within SensUs and starting to work with other fellow group mates on the dedicated tasks of that particular subgroup as well as collaboration with other subgroups such as organising the Event, managing our partner contacts, keeping social media up to date, making the samples and working on the next year’s theme. This journey will include enjoyment, learning and gaining experience which can hardly be attained in the theoretical environment of the University.


One of the new members, Rosan Kolff, describes joining the SensUs Organization as following: As an Industrial Engineering student, I am eager to learn about organizational structures and how to efficiently tackle any issues that might come forward. The SensUs Organization organizes a major event where a lot is involved which allows for many different skills to be developed and improved. I hope to learn how to keep an overview in a major project like this, and how to act accordingly. Moreover, I hope to develop my soft skills when it comes to formal as well as informal meetings. I am looking forward to my time here with the SensUs Organization! 


The new members are ready and motivated to start helping the current organization with the upcoming Event. They will explore the new environment and already expand their professional skills. We are so excited about the upcoming event on the 28th of August and we hope to see you there!