SensUs interviews: Prof. Dr. Alain van Gool

We’d like to give you a sneak peek into the talk of our keynote speaker Alain van Gool.

This year’s keynote speaker of the SensUs Event is prof. dr. Alain van Gool from the Radboud University Medical Centre. He is a professor Personalized in Healthcare and the head of the Translational Metabolic Laboratory, with a strong passion for the application of biomarkers in translational medicine and personalized healthcare. 

Prof. van Gool’s professional background is a mix of academia, pharmaceutical industry, applied research institutes and university medical centres. He has been leading technology-based biomarker laboratories, cross-functional expert teams, therapeutic project teams and public-private consortia, many of which were focused on the discovery, development and implementation of translational biomarkers in a variety of therapeutic areas. His technical expertise resides most strongly in molecular profiling, analytical biomarker development, and applications in translational scientific research. 

Prof. van Gool is a strong believer in open innovation networks and thrives to work with specialists to translate basic research to applied science which perfectly combines with the vision of SensUs. Recently, he published a comprehensive ‘Handbook of Biomarkers and Precision Medicine’ detailing many lessons-learned from translational biomarker experts in pharma and academia.

Alain is positive about the current academic state of biomedical science:

“We have reached a fantastic period in biomedical science. Exponential developments in molecular technologies such as next-generation sequencing and mass spectrometry have enabled us to obtain increasing insights into the molecular components of human biology and their interactions. Novel personalized diagnostics and high precision therapies that modulate selected disease mechanisms are now driving the new paradigm of precision medicine. The parallel strong developments in digital biomarker platforms like wearables and apps further drive the personalized aspect of health management, even towards prevention of un-health. To innovate to the next level, we need to be fully aware of the many lessons learned thus far and use these to translate novel molecular technologies to clinical practice.” 

We are looking forward to the lecture of Alain, his expertise and enthusiasm are evident. Tune in on the 28th to join his lecture about the usage of biosensors for personalized healthcare via https://digital.sensus.org/