SensUs Newsletter December

The Organization of SensUs 2020 is at full blast to create another fantastic edition of the SensUs Student Competition. If you want to relive last year's success, you can watch the aftermovie here.


Biomarker of SensUs 2020

The SensUs 2020 Competition will focus on a disease that affects about 50 million people worldwide: Epilepsy. International teams of students will develop innovative biosensors for the rapid and easy measurement of an important anti-epileptic drug, by measuring the concentration of unbound valproate. Unbound valproate molecules in the blood are responsible for the anti-epileptic activity of the drug in the brain. However, the concentration of the medicine in the blood can strongly fluctuate as patients metabolize medication differently. It is not yet possible for patients to measure the concentration in an easy, cost- and time-efficient way. This is what SensUs challenges the teams to change this year.

The SensUs Organization Alumni Evening

On the 18th of November, the SensUs Organization organized its first Alumni Evening. The SensUs Organization Alumni gained insight into what the current Organization is doing and  had the chance to give feedback. This evening was organized to stimulate the contact between the Alumni and the current Organization and to give the Alumni a chance to have a supportive role.

CLB seminar

On the 2nd of December SensUs went to a seminar about Innovation within Healthcare organized by CLB, one of our partners. During this event, Organization members attended multiple inspiring workshops about the future of Healthcare where they got in contact with people and companies with interesting views on innovation within Healthcare.

Dutch Design Week

SensUs was invited to participate in the Dutch Design Week. This is the biggest design event in Northern Europe with a total of 350.000 visitors and over 2600 designers showing their latest works. 
We were invited to pitch at the exposition “Drivers of Change” of the TU/e to tell about SensUs and the future of healthcare. We are thankful for the opportunity to present to a lot of people what the SensUs Competition is about and how new biosensing technologies will be impactful a lot of people. 

Dutch Technology Week

On the 10th of December, SensUs was invited to join a network drink of DTW - Dutch Technology Week where the vision, ambition and the marketing communication strategy was presented. The drink was hosted by BrainPort Eindhoven which is a technology region in which companies, governments and educational institutions work together to share knowledge and resources to create a brighter future. BrainPort Eindhoven organizes the Dutch Technology week to create more awareness for the technological innovation on a national level and more important on  local level. It was a great place to share the story of SensUs! We have met some really great entrepreneurs and we received enthusiast reactions


Community Event innovation Space

Since 2018, the SensUs Organization is a proud member of the TU/e innovation Space. In November we organized a Community Event for all innovation Space members, together with another student team: Solid. It was a fun evening and we spoke to many people. We are glad to be a part of this community together with other startups and student teams.