SensUs | Newsletter June

The SensUs Event is getting closer and closer and the SensUs Organization is working hard to organize the hybrid Event.

The hybrid Event of SensUs 2021

The SensUs Organization is planning to have hybrid Innovation Days, for the first time in SensUs history! The days will be organized on-campus at TU/e campus while respecting the Corona measures. For the Teams that are not able to visit Eindhoven, Microsoft Teams will be used as the online platform.


Venture Building Program

From 23rd until 27th of August 2021, SensUs will offer an express Venture Building Program powered by HighTechXL. The Venture Building Program is a unique initiative to further develop and validate healthcare innovations. SensUs believes that the business model is as important as the innovation itself to generate value around new technology. During the five-day program, the participating Teams will learn everything about the potential of their business proposition and come into contact with HighTechXL, The Netherlands’ premier deep-tech accelerator. The Venture Building Program is a perfect opportunity to kick innovation start-up ideas from young engineers into higher gear! During the program start-ups beyond the SensUs Competition will be developed and also other healthcare-related Teams are welcome to participate and innovate.

Are you ready to take your start-up to a higher level? Apply here for free to take this opportunity and participate in the Venture Building Program 2021!

Venture Building Program

Professional workshop

The Professional Workshop of SensUs 2021 will cover the theme ‘Sensors for rapid detection of influenza in saliva’. During this workshop, 3 experts will cover innovations and challenges faced when making such a device. After the talks, a panel and the audience will discuss the topics in depth. 

The Professional Workshop will take place on Monday the 30th of August at 14:00 UTC+2. It is completely online for everyone to enjoy it. More information will be published soon on our website.

Committee of Recommendation event

On 29th of March the SensUs Organization organized a meeting with a meeting with the Committee of Recommendation. Besides giving an update on how SensUs has grown throughout the years, the main focus of the meeting was to look at the future of SensUs. Valuable feedback was given both on how we can grow in numbers as well as on impact on the world. Are you interested in who is part of the Committee of Recommendation? Take a look at our website!

Partner Session 2

On Wednesday the 26th of May, the second and final Partner Session of the year took place. It started with an interview with Judy Fonville from Siemens Healthineers, where the Teams got the opportunity to take a look into their point-of-care approach, average workweek, company values and more. It was followed by meetings with Roland Berger, Demcon, Medtronic and Siemens Healthineers, where the Teams and Partners took a deep dive into the progress of the Teams' biosensor. All in all, it was a useful and interactive afternoon!


New Partnerships

Our External Relations Department worked hard on expanding the SensUs network. In January 2021, one of our Partners in kindness, Carmen van Vilsteren, introduced SensUs to her network. They got a reply from Roland Berger consultancy saying how entrepreneurial initiatives like SensUs have always been close to their hearts. Also, Siemens Healthineers in Eindhoven talked about how they are willing to sponsor SensUs as we are a local biosensing innovation initiative. SensUs is very proud that the SensUs network will be expanded with two well-known Partners. They had their first contact with SensUs student teams on the 26th of May during the online Partner session. We look forward to what they will prepare for the SensUs 2021 Innovation Days!

New Partners

Testing Event

The Technology Department has been preparing the Testing Event, which takes place at the beginning of September. The goal of the Testing Event is to grade the analytical performance of all the different biosensors. Each sensor has to accurately determine the concentration of Hemagglutinin proteins in the provided samples.

To verify the integrity of the Hemagglutinin that will be used during the Event, the Technology Department has successfully performed a reference assay on the HA. The results have shown that the proteins are indeed structurally intact and that they can be used during the Testing Event. Further Testing will allow for the possibility of exploring under what circumstances the proteins can be diluted and stored. This way, the Teams can be certain that all possible precautions are being taken to ensure a successful Testing Event.

Theme of SensUs 2022

Finally, the Organization has been looking at next year by defining the theme of SensUs 2022. The theme will be announced on the last day of The Innovation Days of SensUs 2021, which will take place from the 30th of August until the 3rd of September!