SensUs Newsletter May

SensUs Newsletter May

Over the last few months, a lot has happened. The world is in a lockdown, schools are closed, and many, many more things have happened under these bizarre circumstances.
Through this newsletter, we would like to inform you about the things that we have been working on, and the new initiatives that we are taking on. One of these new initiatives is the Venture Building program (VBP).


COVID-19 update

During the last months, our normal life has radically changed due to the COVID-19 pandemic and we are changing towards a new normal. Our university has been closed and in a short time, everything for SensUs 2020 had to be switched to an online environment. Our Organization will continue with the journey towards the SensUs Event facing new challenges.

What we have changed and other things that are happening within the Organization can be read here: https://www.sensus.org/news/covid-19-update-0 


Venture Building Program

To make sure that the technologies that enroll from the Competition have a meaningful and societal impact, SensUs and HighTechXL joined together to set up a new initiative: The express Venture Building Program. In this program, SensUs Alumni get the unique opportunity to take their biosensor to the next level and learn how to build their own startup. In this program, the Teams from previous SensUs editions follow workshops in which they will identify the market opportunity, set up a clear business model, build a strong Team, and learn how to tell an engaging story of their companies’ goal.

This initiative will make sure we will bridge the gap from the Competition into the real world. This way, we can ensure that the valuable technologies that arise from every edition of the SensUs Competition do not get lost.


High Schools Project Kick-off

The High Schools project is in full swing and started with a lecture about SensUs and epilepsy, a workshop about reading scientific sources and a TRIZ problem-solving workshop. This workshop was given by Hans Baaijens and Christoph Dobrusskin. There were 29 students from 5 high schools present. The high school students will design a concept biosensor for detecting Valproate.


Welcome to the new members!

We are proud to inform you that we have accepted 19 new members to the SensUs Organization 2021. The new members will start directly with integrating into the Organization. After the upcoming Event, they will continue with SensUs and start working on SensUs 2021. They all are very motivated to begin their SensUs journey!