SG lecture: Antibiotics, the rise of resistance

Antibiotics are widely used in society, but often misused. Medical microbiologist Kees Verduin discusses the future of antibiotics and the threats of antibiotic resistance.

Massive and inefficient use of antibiotic drugs is starting to cause serious problems. Bacteria are becoming less susceptible to drugs and therefore treatments need to be given in the most effective ways possible.

During the SensUs 2018 competition, 13 international student teams are developing biosensors to detect and quantify a very important last-resort antibiotic, named vancomycin. These biosensors measure the concentration of the antibiotic in blood plasma, with the aim to enable personalized dosing, and therefore the most effective treatment for every patient.

The mission of SensUs is to stimulate education and innovation in biosensing by organizing an international competition for students. This year’s theme is ‘Measuring antibiotics for better healthcare’. To highlight this topic SensUs organizes a lecture, in cooperation with Studium Generale Eindhoven, that will focus on antibiotic resistance and the role of antibiotics in the future.

The lecture will be provided by Dr. Kees Verduin, a medical-microbiologist working at PAMM laboratories in Veldhoven. He advises doctors and hospitals on how to diagnose patients, what antibiotics to use and how to prevent infections. He is also a board member of the Dutch Working Group on Antibiotic Policy(SWAB).

‘Antibiotic resistance is a big problem, and there is no remedy in sight at this moment.’ - Kees Verduin

On Wednesday 30th of May at 12:40, this lecture will take place at Eindhoven University of Technology (Blauwe Zaal Auditorium). Are you curious about his lecture? Click here to reserve your ticket!

To learn more about Kees Verduin, his work and his vision on antibiotics, read our interview with him here!

Kees Verduin