The Netherlands

Wageningen University & Research


We are SenseWURk, a team consisting of 10 students from Wageningen University & Research (WUR) in the Netherlands. The motto of our university is “to explore the potential of nature to improve the quality of life” and this fits exactly with what we are aiming to do by the detection of traumatic brain injury (TBI) with our biosensor.  

Last year, Wageningen University participated in this competition for the first time and achieved excellent results. This means we will work hard to uphold the previous results, but also to motivate other students in Wageningen so that a SenseWURk team will keep competing each year. Our fresh team already has plenty of new ideas! Our backgrounds are mainly in the biological, biotechnological and molecular life sciences fields. Through SensUs we get the unique opportunity to learn new skills such as in the programming and business sides of our sensor. We are very driven to bring all our research and laboratory knowledge to the table and look forward to showing you our biosensor that can improve the quality of life. 

WUR sensing it! 



SenseWURk group