École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne

We are SenSwiss, the team from EPFL, one of Switzerland’s federal polytechnic schools located in Lausanne, the Olympic Capital.

Our team is made up of 12 eager Master students, combining many nationalities such as Italian, Turkish, Indian, Swiss and technical backgrounds in Biomedical, Micro, Electrical Engineering and Robotics. We all have a passion to respond to societal problems through the development of an innovative piece of technology, whether it be from a biology, electrical, or software engineering point of view.

Surrounded by biotech startups and key stakeholders of innovation, we hope to gain the knowledge and skills to develop our sensor and partake in these key biomedical advances. We are very excited to represent our university in this year’s competition and are looking forward to working alongside everyone!


SenSwiss 2023