The Netherlands

Eindhoven University of Technology

T.E.S.T., TU Eindhoven Sensing team, is the multidisciplinary team from Eindhoven University of Technology. We are a group of enthusiastic students who are committed to developing innovative sensing technologies to improve people's lives.

Our team comprises 7 Biomedical Engineers and 1 Electrical Engineer. We all joined the team with the goal of acquiring valuable experience, developing a real-life sensor, and working together with other motivated students who share our enthusiasm.

We are from the beautiful city of Eindhoven, which is a city of innovation and is known in the Netherlands as 'Eindhoven de gekste', which we plan on incorporating in our sensor.

As a team, we strive to build an amazing biosensor to sense GFAP and to have a great time together with the team! We are very excited to participate in the competition, and we are looking forward to seeing all teams in Eindhoven upcoming summer!


T.E.S.T. 2023