Hangzhou, China

Zhejiang University

Hi, everyone! 

Welcome to the TruSense Group from Hangzhou, China. 

We are a team from Zhejiang University near West Lake in Hangzhou, An interdisciplinary group of students from life science, biomedical engineering, material science, botany, etc.

This year, we will endeavor to develop a new biosensor to achieve fast and accurate detection for IL-6 aiming to address the obstacles with which early diagnosis for acute inflammation has faced.

We welcomed Prof. Yong Wang to be our mentor early this year and Prof. Liquan Huang will continuingly provide us professional advice on our sensors as well.

The enthusiasm for scientific research is what gathers us together. And with the persistent pursuit of truth illuminating our path, we will make a difference with confidence and excitement.

We hope to learn more from each other in the vast SensUs platform and gain precious friendships with people around the world. We believe with the joint effort of all the participants, we will all receive a splendid experience in 2022 SensUs.