SensUs is a community for open innovation in the field of sensors for health.

About SensUs

We monitor how well we eat, how long we sleep and how many steps we take. In an increasingly digitized world, we are becoming more active participants in our own personal health. However, when you are ill, you are treated in a ‘one size fits all’ way, without taking into account that we are all different and that our bodies changes over time. What if we could easily measure what’s inside of our body’s at any given moment? The aim is to achieve this by stimulating innovation in the field of biosensors.

The SensUs Community

The community consists out of healthcare providers, patients, students, industry and key stakeholders. We bring this community together in many different ways; the stakeholders meet each other during the SensUs Innovation Days and can join our online community SensUs Connect. In addition to this, SensUs aims to raise awareness about the possibilities that biosensing can offer to the life of patients and to health care in general. To spread this awareness on a worldwide scale, an online platform enables everybody from all over the world to view and experience the SensUs contest.

Bringing stakeholder together
Bringing stakeholders together

During the SensUs Innovation Days we have different activities our stakeholders can participate in. The Competition event, where the students present their prototype biosensor to the world. Meet the partners, where students and companies are brought together through an interactive program. SensUs startups, where students are inspired to create their own startup company. The partner dinner where professionals in the field of biosensing are brought together. High school projects where young and ambitious high school students work on a theoretical biosensor. Professional courses where professionals learn more about the field of biosensing. and a very broad and active alumni network

The activities encourage a closely connected community to establish a future in sensors for health through collaboration and open innovation.

Bringing stakeholders together